Naifeh Fine Jewelry carries a fantastic selection of men's and women's timepieces from such great watch makers as Ebel, and Hamilton.

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Ebel Watch
Hamilton Watch
At Naifeh Fine Jewelry, we sell many types of watches that have been manufactured by Ebel and the Hamilton Watch Company, and customers can choose products that feature diamonds, crystal, bracelets that have two tones, especially durable clasps and precious metals. Many of the watches include cases that consist of stainless steel that has been polished, and some products feature sapphires.

Choosing Watches

Our jewelry store offers products with durable bands that are made of various types of leather, rubber, thick textiles and high-quality metals. Our selection contains wristwatches with dials that feature a wide variety of tones, such as blue, beige, golden colors, gray and brown. Some products also have gold or silver, and our business provides items that contain diamonds and stunning gemstones.

When evaluating each watch's description, visitors will be able to determine the diameter of the case, the type of dial that the watch features, the product's resistance to water, the number of gemstones that the watch contains and the material of the case. Likewise, our site will indicate the carats of the diamonds and the exact design of each watch's bracelet.

Finding Our Store and Browsing Wristwatches

Our website's tools allow visitors to find ideal wristwatches by searching for products that have specific sizes, precious metals and certain types of bracelets. The category also features software that helps guests to locate stores in various geographic areas.

In order to find out more information about our business, you can check out testimonials that buyers have provided and videos that help customers to choose products. Additionally, you may complete our contact form, or you can call 405-607-4323.