Classic, timeless, and elegant, Mémoire offers the finest in engagement, wedding and anniversary bands. Mémoire specializes in the use of 18K gold and platinum, creating the highest quality bands available on the market today.

Most of Mémoire’s mountings are made using the hot extrusion process. Before a mounting is cut, the chosen metal is pushed through a tube with enormous force and heat. This pressure eliminates porosity (air bubbles) from the metal. The result is a platinum or 18K gold mounting that is solid throughout, strong, hard and exceptionally durable. A standard cast mounting starts with liquid metal that is poured into a mold. As the metal cools and hardens, air can be trapped on the inside causing pits and porosity, which could weaken the finished product. Mémoire’s extruded mountings are laser cut for exactness directly from metal that has undergone the hot extrusion process, eliminating this problem. This process creates the strongest possible prongs to secure the diamonds and precious stones, and a more durable overall ring.  A Mémoire mounting is designed to last a lifetime. 


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