Martin Flyer

Beginning in the Bowery district more than 65 years ago, Martin Flyer is one of the most recognizable names in the jewelry industry today. Now based in a 10,000 square foot facility in Manhattan's diamond district, the third generation family business continues to carry out the Flyer tradition of providing customers with the highest quality products, competitive prices, and first class service.

Martin Flyer initiated the concept of the "Five Classifications of Bridal" as an educational tool for consumers. Developed to make the process of selecting an engagement ring easy and worry free, these "classifications" continue to keep FlyerFit® on the cutting edge of the bridal jewelry market.


1. Solitaire Engagement Ring Style

     The notable feature of the Solitaire engagement ring style is the single center stone. Solitaires convey a sense of timeless simple elegance.

2. Three Stone Engagement Ring Style

     The Three Stone engagement ring style is designed with one center stone and two side stones. This style ring can be worn as a right-hand ring or as an engagement ring.

3. Channel Engagement Ring Style

     In the Channel engagement ring style the diamonds are set in a channel with no metal separating the gemstones. The gemstones flow together in one continuous row and present a clean, elegant and contemporary appearance - great for an active lifestyle or      the woman who prefers a modern look.

4. Shared Prong Engagement Ring Style

     The notable features of the Shared Prong engagement ring style are that the diamonds in the setting share prongs so less metal is seen which allows for more diamond visibility. This design also allows the maximum amount of light to enter from all angles for      the ultimate sparkle.

5. Micro Pavé Engagement Ring Style

     The notable features of the Micro Pavé engagement ring style is the overall antique look conveyed by a highly precise setting of very small diamonds and tiny beads of metal surrounding each tiny diamond. Though the look of Micro Pavé may be traditional, it      makes a very fashion forward statement, combining contemporary style with an antique look.


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