Naifeh Fine Jewelry carries the following designers in store. For more information on a particluar designer and examples of their work, click their logo below.

Alex Sepkus
ALOR Swiss Watches
Christopher Designs


Coge Design Group


David Heston
House of Baguettes
Isabelle Langlois


Jack Kelege
Jude Frances
KC Designs
Lika Behar


Michelle Pressler
Monica Rich Kossan
Naifeh Design
Pamela Froman


Paul Morelli
Ray Griffiths
Sarah Graham Metalsmithing
Sloane Street


Stardust Design
Suzy Landa
Sylva & Cie
Temple St Clair
Tirisi Mora


Todd Reed
















Designer Jewelry in Oklahoma City OK

If you're searching for that perfect piece of designer jewelry to complement your wardrobe, you've clicked to the right place. At Naifeh Fine Jewelry of Oklahoma City, we carry the finest selection of designer brands in a variety of settings, styles and stones. So no matter what your specific taste, our showroom is sure to have something you'll love and leave with.

Designer Jewelry from the Best Brands in the World

At Naifeh Fine Jewelry, we take pride in offering only the best brand names in the world. Our 1500-square-foot showroom located just minutes away from downtown OKC is an exhibit of art. Designed to express your inner beauty and showcase it to the world, all of our exquisite pieces are picked by Valerie Naifeh herself. As she often asks, "Why buy a piece of jewelry when you can own a work of art?" When you walk out of our store with a purchase, that's exactly what you'll leave with: art.

Pick the Perfect Piece That Showcases Your Elegant Style

If you aren't sure about which piece from our brand name jewelry designers is perfect for you, don't hesitate to talk with one of our experienced jewelers at our store location. Our customer service staff has years of experience helping clients find that perfect complementing piece of jewelry that adds a sparkle to their eyes and completes their ensemble. No matter the type of jewelry you're looking for, whether a watch, a bracelet or a necklace, our wide selection is sure to spark your interest. We carry designer pieces for every kind of occasion and every type of individual.

Visit Us in Oklahoma City OK

For more information about the brands we carry or any other inquires, contact Naifeh Fine Jewelry at (405) 607-4323 or visit our jewelry store at 9203 North Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City. We look forward to brightening your day.